Copper Raw Materials

Rarely does nature contain pure copper; instead, copper is typically found in copper ores, which are chemical mixtures. About 15 copper ores are mined for commercial purposes in 40 different nations. The most prevalent are sulphide ores, in which copper and sulphur are chemically bound. Depending on the compounds present, some are referred to as oxide ores, carbonate ores, or mixed ores. In addition to vast amounts of material that is not useful for commerce, many copper ores also include sizeable amounts of gold, silver, nickel, and other precious metals. Only roughly 1.2-1.6% of the weight of copper may be found in the majority of the copper ores mined in the UAE.

Coil Copper Rolls

Copper has long been one of the most common metals used in both commercial and consumer goods. Due to its excellent thermal and electrical conductivity and malleability, copper is a preferred metal for a variety of industrial applications. Brown Kangaroo has years of expertise customising each order for copper coils to fit even the most exact standards in order to fulfil these changing needs. Alloys 102 and 110 copper coil goods continue to be available in our inventory, and more alloys are always available upon request.

Raw Material Coopper Sheet

We can also provide copper in the form of copper sheets as a component of our raw copper material offerings. For use in coins, buildings, cars, structural engineering, and medical equipment, copper sheets are perfect. Copper has excellent anti-microbial qualities since it is non-ferrous.
This causes what is known as the oligodynamic effect. This occurs as a result of other microbes’ proteins being attacked by copper ions. Copper is the ideal material for tubes and pipes in water systems for filtration and purification purposes as a result of this action.